Hi! I'm The Word Wizard, a professional editor based in Sydney, Australia. I've been helping writers produce exceptional content for over a decade.

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I offer comprehensive editing services for essays, theses, books, short stories, academic articles and more. 

I was extremely impressed with Nikki’s work and am happy to say that my thesis reads better because of her input. Nikki edited, compiled chapters and formatted my PhD thesis of 100,000 words. Nikki engaged with my thesis content and identified sections requiring greater detail and explanation. Nikki was accurate with her time estimates to complete editing and was always responsive. I received a service from Nikki that went far beyond my expectations.

Fiona Campbell, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law, James Cook University
I have had the pleasure of working with Nikki for almost ten years! I have found her to be an expert in the field of editing, who always exceeds any expectations and meets any deadline set. She has assisted me with my Masters thesis project and many other smaller assessments. Nikki’s guidance has been invaluable, and has helped me sharpen my arguments and bring clarification to many areas of my work. I highly recommend her.

Fatimah Mohammed, School of Education, Western Sydney University
Thank you Nikki for your fantastic edit, that inspired me to complete my book. I’m very happy to say I am ready to self-publish it and that it is better than I could have imagined!

Emma Girdman, Author, Magic’s Children
I worked closely with Nikki on the production of legal books and online products. Nikki is a careful and disciplined editor with excellent English and grammar skills and a very good eye for detail. She is resourceful, proactive and creative, and her assistance was very helpful to legal practitioners and legal academic authors.

Belinda Drake, Managing Editor, Books and New Product Development, Thomson Reuters