My Projects

When I'm not editing, I'm working on my own writing projects...

Thong dee and Fah Sai.jpg

captive elephants in thailand

I am currently undertaking an ongoing study of the devastating impact of deforestation on a marginalised, traditionally forest-dwelling people and their elephants in northeast Thailand. I conducted ethnographic field work for this study over a ten year period, in part for my PhD thesis.

sea turtle.jpg

epicure and culture

I write for ethical travel and consumption blog, Epicure and Culture, and have recently published articles on environmentally sensitive tourist destinations, a jewellery-making organisation run by displaced women in Turkey, volunteering with street animals in India and saving endangered sea turtles in Mexico.

uruguay horses.jpg

horses and street dogs

I've written a couple of journal articles about horse-human communication, and an article and book chapter about street dogs in Bangkok, Thailand. Both studies were based on my own ethnographic field work and my Masters and PhD research.